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    Our research centre has a long history. In fact, since 1981, Lala Lajpatrai Research Foundation has been publishing several research papers. This continuous research work culminated in the starting of Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management Ph.D Research Centre approved by the University of Mumbai in 2002. 

    We always believe in the fact that “Research is to Teaching as Sin is to Confession. Unless you participate in the former you have little to say in the latter”. It is this spirit underlying our research programme in Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management which has attracted researchers from the teaching profession and professionals from the industry. 

    Admission Process In The Research Programme At LLIM

    The Research Centre of LLIM is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. All the rules, regulations, procedures pertaining to research programme in this centre are strictly according to those of University of Mumbai.

    The Doctoral Programme of University of Mumbai is offered at the Institute in the field of management and is considered to be significantly beneficial to the knowledge management at LLIM. This Research Centre enables growth and development of faculty members, students and professionals interested in pursing research.

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  • Seminars
    Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management (LLIM) endeavors to enhance students’ innate potential and transform them into efficient performers by equipping them with the appropriate knowledge skill and attitude. Against this backdrop, National Seminars are organized every year on the subjects which are relevant for the prevailing economic environment.

    The National Seminars organized by the institute are :
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